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Services we offer

Full Detailing

Full detailing is a professional deep clean of your vehicle using specialised products and tools. This involves reconditioning and cleaning the interior and exterior of your vehicle. The purpose of full detailing is to eliminate any scratches or marks to the paintwork and restoring the body of the vehicle. It will make your vehicle look like it was just bought.

Interior Leather and Fabric Coating

As well as the exterior, the interior of your vehicle speaks volumes. With our leather and fabric coats using the best products, your vehicle will be protected from stains from spills and UV damage, giving it a clean and polished look throughout.

Engine Bay Detailing

Engine bay detailing is the process of removing dirt and dust in the space where the engine is placed. This is one of the most important steps that any vehicle owner should follow to make sure their vehicle is running smoothly and hassle-free. This is a delicate job that requires focus and care and it should be handled by professionals to give the best results.

Wheels off Protection

When it comes to vehicles, the state of your wheels is vital for your safety. We make sure your tires are dirt free and are in the best condition to take you to places with no hassle. The professionals at work will make sure your wheels are good as new.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a must when it comes to taking care of the paintwork of your vehicle. The ceramic coat bonds with the paint and it becomes very hard for the paint to remove or scratch, protecting it for a longer period of time. This is one of the most important steps in vehicle detailing and should not be missed.

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The benefits of detailing your vehicle

The Professionals at velvet detailing will help to keep your drive smooth.
The gleam of your car will keep you on the road and will get you places with pride.

Restored paintwork and protective coating to secure your vehicle from extreme weather conditions and restore the protective barrier and protect the exterior coat of paint.

Increase the resale value of your car with top-notch professionals service that will keep your car keep as good as new. Get the best value for the make and model of your vehicle with the services of Velvet Detailing.

Professional Interior and exterior detailing that will deep clean the interior and polish up the exterior of your vehicle to make it look brand new.

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